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Hiking to Portovenere

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Hiking to Portovenere
This small group trek/tour is an intermediate trek with the best views. Different from Cinque Terre Trek, this offers a more challenging trek with a rewarding destination – Portovenere. The pace is yours, so you are never pushed along. It will take at least 6 hours of trekking to arrive in Portovenere. This is not for people who have vertigo, as the trek does go over some thin areas on the outer trail. After our arrival in Portovenere, the time is yours, to swim, have nice lunch or just stroll the back allies. You will be given your ticket for the boat ride back to Riomaggiore or Monterosso. If a high sea comes and all the boats are canceled, then we take the bus & train back to Cinque Terre.

• Trek begins at 8:30 a.m. in the center of the village in Riomaggiore

• Walking up hill through the village onto the old Mule trail

• Hiking through vineyards and old rusticos on the climb to the Santuario di nostra signora di Montenero with clear views of the villages below and a sweeping panorama of the sea and view of the trek's final destination.

• Continuing on a small path reaching elevations of almost 500 meters above sea level, on and off a road leading along the ridge and through the forest.

• Final hike down to Portovenere leading alongside the historic Doria Castle, with views of St. Peter's church out on the rocky point, and nearby Lord Byron's Cove.

 • This hike takes 6-7 hours and allows plenty of time to explore Portovenere, its shops and its stunning views. The trek ends with a boat ride back to Riomaggiore and views of the trails just hiked from a vantage point of the sea.

Commences : Riomaggiore, Italy

Duration : 5 to 7 hrs

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