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Directions Map (with Animated Street View)

• Easy to create Google Map with Route Directions.

• Display Street View for any point along the route.

• Animated Street View for all or part of the journey.

• Animation options - set travel speed, update interval, zoom level.

• Drag and drop route editing.

• Embed or link to the map.

View Example Maps.


Start Address
Destination Address
Via Address
Map Type
Travel Mode
Avoid Highways
Avoid Toll Roads
Draggable Route
Region Code *

* blank for United States, 'uk' for United Kingdom, 'ca' for Canada, etc. See Coverage List

Distance Units
Initial Mode
Animation Zoom Level
Animation Update Interval ms
Animation Step Distance metres
Width px
Height px



Copy and paste this code into your web page.


User Instructions

  • Click the Play button to start the Street View animation
  • A 'pegman' marker is shown to indicate the current location and heading
  • Click near the route line to move the pegman marker
  • Drag and drop the pegman to set the current location within the route
  • Click the Reset button to create another route


  • The Street View is only updated when street view imagery exists for the current location.
  • The pegman marker can only be moved to a location on the route.
  • Click the Google logo on the map or street view to see the location on This can be used to explore street views not on the route.
  • If draggable routes are selected then the route can be dragged and dropped to add additional waypoints.
  • When a route is altered the pegman marker will move to a point on the new route closest to its current location


  • The Directions Map embeddable control is available to use on both non-commercial and commercial websites.
  • Use is governed by the Google Maps API terms and conditions.
  • The code is provided 'as is' with no warranty expressed or implied.

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