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Mapping Projects

This page has summaries and links to Google Maps projects hosted on TripGeo. Follow the project instructions to add these projects to your own website.

A larger collection of mapping projects can be found at Map Channels.

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Trail Charts

March 2012

Trail Charts is a mapping API which can be used on your website to display a large number of separate KML feeds (trails) on a map. A speadsheet is the main data source, containing one row per trail. Any number of additional columns (fields) can be contained in the speadsheet. Template functions allow you to easily customize how these fields are displayed within the map. Two maps are used, the first map displays the overall area and the second map displays the currently selected trail. Menus and submenus can filter your trails by category or by date.

A tutorial, examples and an API reference are provided.

• Open Source Mapping API.

• Ideal for travel mapping.

• Display a collection of KML trails.

• Organize trails by category/subcategory or by date.

• The Javascript code and data is hosted on your own site.

Example Trail Charts

California and Yosemite Wilderness Hikes Map

London 2012 Torch Map

London 2012 Torch Map

Mars Google Map and Street View

January 2012

This map displays a collection of panoramic photos taken by Martian landers and their locations on a Google Map of Mars.

Mars Street View

Directions Map

Updated: November 2011

• Simple interface to quickly create your map.

• Animate your journey using Google Street View.

• Customize the map's appearance.

• Simple drag and drop route waypoint editing.

• Embed your map into a website or blog.

• Provide an exciting way for visitors to find and view directions to your business location.

Create A New Directions Map Now

Example Directions Map

View More Directions Map Examples.

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